Writing the Womb is writing the transitions, the transformations, the creation myths, sexuality as it is experienced in real time and real bodies and real living, the ways we live and make our art in the circles of cycles.

It is about what it means to write your way out of patriarchy and its insistence on silencing women’s voices and telling us what is acceptable, allowed, pretty, polite, good writing.
It is also a process that reveals the extent of the silencing we have known in the expression of our embodied experiences and the oppression and violence done against the body and psyche of woman and of the world.

If there was no one telling you what to do, who to be, how to be, what to say or not say, speak or not speak, write or not write, touch or not touch, ingest or release, what would your own desire speak? Where would it lead you? What stories of your own would become unlocked and spoken without censor?

This is the womb’s wisdom. The innate desire, before the interference and clamping closed.
And when we start writing from the womb, we gather the power to burn the lies told to us. We can speak what we are told we cannot speak.

This is Writing from the Womb.

This is Writing Freedom.

What is Writing the Womb?

  • It is NOT a step-by-step plan or forced creative pattern that requires you to implement anything or arrive at a specific place, locking you in to someone’s else’s ideas or structure.
  • It is, instead, a liberating writing process that fuels, feeds and supports you so you can begin to unlock your creative ideas and voice.
  • It is about discovering your own inborn and instinctual creativity and your own map of making meaning.
  • It is about finding the freedom to express yourself fully and unapologetically, weaving together a web of your own words.
  • It is about writing the corporeal, listening to the body and giving voice to the language she speaks.


Words alone don’t do justice for what “Writing the Womb” gave to me, but I’ll try... Writing, even before this course, was a kind of therapy for me, a way to go inside and express all I have kept hidden and silent. Yet even with that this course cracked me open in ways I could not have anticipated. It allowed me to reach places I have long feared exploring. It was not always pretty viewing, sometimes I was delving into places within that are beyond painful, but I was filled with a ‘knowing’ that it was right and okay to go there, to go wherever I needed to go and be whoever and wherever I needed to be (or not). That it was okay to express it, all of it, all of the spoken and unspoken pieces of myself. And through it all I was held. I was held by the nurturing, loving hands that Isabel herself offered, without exception, and by the community of writers that emerged along the way. Thank you for this space and for an experience that I will carry with me. It has been transforming, in my writing and in my life.

— Mariann Martland

Your stories are waiting to be written. And here, in Writing the Womb, we can breathe and ink them into being.

You will write:

Your belly stories. Your blood stories. Your stories of swallowing your voice and your release of what was never yours, of being told to feel shame, of freedom and of emptiness, and of undeniable knowing.

Your stories of wanting and not wanting, of choosing in every direction—the stories you are told to not talk about. Your stories of the things you think you can’t say and the things you have waited your whole life to say.

Your stories of belonging to the body and all the places your womb has wandered and the time when you settled deep into your own home.  Your stories of the good body and the broken body and the womb as witness and keeper of the myths.

Your stories of pregnancy, of birth, or of hysterectomies both chosen and by surprise. Your crone stories. Your questioning stories. Stories of origins and metamorphosis, mystery and the visceral memory.

Your stories of creating and knowing creation. Of cycle and how one life gives way to the next, and you are still here, artist and alive. Your stories of choice and want and need, of creation and a cycle of endings and beginnings, again and again and again.

Not some far off idea of what should be or might be or what the professor once told you that you needed to include or omit if you were to be taken seriously as a writer.

Not the cleaned-up version you bring out to tell at the work party, or the shellacked words you use to describe what happened that night and your ravaged myths and memory and fleeting thoughts and aching fecundity waiting for the splitting open.

Not the way you ever so subtly learned to speak quietly of pleasure because it’s far too messy a thing to tangle up with your stories.
In Writing the Womb is to write our way toward freedom. We write in our own image.


Writing the Womb
myth, metaphor, embodied knowing and keeper of the stories. 
A  Process Writing Course

Pay What Feels Good-


You will receive everything you need to create an embodied womb writing practice in your home, in your own time, in one beautiful PDF

50 pages of Course Content, including writing practices and prompts.

We delve into the womb words in eight chapters:
Write Yourself Here
Listen, Speak
Write Yourself Free
The Language of the Body
Write Yourself Home
Writing in Your Own Image


“Writing the Womb” comes out of my own academic research and extensive writing in medical anthropology, classical Greek gynecology and the history of the wandering womb. It comes out of over ten years of experience working as birth doula, witnessing women give birth in so many ways it would be impossible for me to say there is one good or right or best way, so I choose to honor the true mystery that it is. It comes from my own experiences as a woman: as a woman who has known ambivalence surrounding my uterus, as a woman who has been given birth once and been pregnant more than once, as a woman who has had ovarian and vaginal cancer, and had a complete hysterectomy at the age of thirty, putting me into immediate surgical menopause.It comes from the ways these things changed me, and how it was here, that I began to search for what it might mean to find and form a new language, words to call my own.


Isabel creates a sanctuary of receptivity and grace where I feel safe to begin transforming the raw material of experience into insight. I cannot recommend Writing the Womb more highly.

— Jyl Ion


With Isabel’s help and exercises, I connected with my ‘shadow self’ in a safe space and was able to explore her. I felt the wall between my heart and my head shatter, and my writing was infused with a visceral emotion and focus that it has lacked for many years. I credit Isabel and her Writing in the Womb course absolutely for helping me regain a clarity to my words, my passion, my voice.
— Bronwyn Peachtree