to be here, exquisitely and crashingly real.
to be here, complete.
presence, in the veins and bones,
the marriage of marrow and our want.
location and placement, pilgrim and port of call,
corporeal art, belonging to the body.

encountering the art and resistance that comes from questioning and re-imagining.
the unexpected emancipations. the way words dismantle and build new.
coming together, writing together, bound to one another
in our allegiance to both burn to the ground and rise up rooted. 

a space to begin to enter all the way inside what it means to write unapologetically, with all of you.

Unapologetic Writing
writing the body. writing the forbidden. writing radicalized.
a six week writing course
May 29th-July 7th


An evening of exploration and storytelling, 
of heeding the hunger
and permission to want
and of finding the works to speak of all the things we are told to keep quiet.
of entering into the wide range of experiences in the geography
of desire and arousal, 
wanting and consent, giving and receiving.





Writing the Womb:
An eight week embodied process writing course. If there was no one telling you what to do, who to be, how to be, what to say or not say, speak or not speak, write or not write, touch or not touch, ingest or release, what would your own desire speak? Where would it lead you?
What stories of your own would become unlocked and spoken without censor?

Close to the Bone

holding in the light: a public and private grief project

Coming soon.

For those who are grappling with myth and meaning, rough housing with words and seeking to unearth the sound of their own voice. For those who want a space to wander deep into the why of their creating, to ask questions of where the words and vision and uprising wants to take you. Those who feel the doubt and desire, how sometimes it is a tangled thing to know what we will create and release into the world, because life herself is messy and so are we


What makes Isabel so gifted at what she does is not just her ability to bring you closer to your words, but her presence—the way she gives you space so close to her heart that you can’t help but unravel yourself
in the most poetic way.”
—Alisha Sommer, editor and chief at Blackberry Magazine

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