Unapologetic Writing
writing the body. writing the forbidden. writing radicalized.
a six week writing course
August 27th - October 5th



What you’ll find here: Space for Writing Freedom

  • a space to write through the difficult and sometimes tangled knot of what to say and how to say it when the stories we carry in our bodies are the kind not fit for company and yet they live here all the same, asking to be articulated and faithfully told with honesty. (how do you tell a story that is “too much” or one that you've been told your whole to keep quiet or the ones with the implications for others, when to be true to our own telling is to speak of another?)
  • a space to get messy and enter the uncomfortable. what are you afraid to write? what have you been told and domesticated to believe you cannot say? what names do you want to give to the body that works according to its own rules and ways and knows the deepest injuries and most unexpected pleasure?
  • a space to write the truths of our embodied experience, our corporeal humanity with all its flesh and feeling.
  • a space to ask questions and enter into what it means to write radicalized and use your voice to speak up and speak out, to enter into difficult dialogue with others in a voice that is your own, to speak truth to power, to take thought to idea to language to a voice speaking, whole and complete, opened to the unknowing and clear in its inarguable truths.
  • a space to listen.
  • a space to write through the rants and into a cohesive calling out, to deepen critical thinking and enter into engagement with others who do and do not see the same way.
  • a space to write the forbidden and release the ideas of anything ever being only one way, required to fit into preconceived notions of categories that split our language and our lives into broken shards that cut hard. the forbidden where we locate again our own origins and the slips of truths in the secrets and the way we were told from before we could speak what was and was not allowed and how the learning of this longs to be discarded so as to breathe again.
  • a space to write what hurts, when it hurts, where it hurts.
  • a space to write the regrets, the ways we too were the ones standing there with nothing but blood on our hands. to write the shame, the curved and sometimes rough to the touch learning, and how we can become unrecognizable even to ourselves. a space to write our many and our multitudes.

encountering the art and resistance that comes from questioning and re-imagining.
the unexpected emancipations. the way words dismantle and build new.
coming together, writing together, bound to one another
in our allegiance to both burn to the ground and rise up rooted. 

a space to begin to enter all the way inside what it means to write unapologetically, with all of you.


And you won’t be doing it alone.
We will all be here together!


August 27th - October 5th
six weeks of unapologetic writing


You’ll receive weekly letters from me of inquiry and possibilities for entering into some of these ways of writing the body, writing the forbidden and writing radicalized. There will be good old fashioned prompts, and musings, and a lot of questioning, as we begin to dismantle the internalized systems that have told us how to speak and what to speak.

And then each in our own home or coffee shop or office or studio or bed, we begin to write (or record audio if that is your way).
We do this daily (or whenever the hours can be found or made). But we don’t just talk about writing. We write.

And then we connect. “Only connect. . .”

You’ll have access to our own private facebook group.
I will be there daily during the week for check ins, weekly “office hours” there where you can ask me anything and we’ll be in discourse and exploration together. We will share our questions there. We will share our process and discovery and doubt there. We will share our writing there!

There will also be three live video calls for whomever wants to come talk and explore together.
Because writing is wonderful, and also hearing voices and seeing faces just makes things make sense differently, yes?


What makes Isabel so gifted at what she does is not just her ability to bring you closer to your words, but her presence—the way she gives you space so close to her heart that you can’t help but unravel yourself
in the most poetic way.”
—Alisha Sommer, editor and chief at Blackberry Magazine



where does your own apology live and what is it in you that wants to smash it broken and write free?
what are you afraid to say, to speak, to write about?
where is the edge for you that is hard to come up close against, for fear you will fall without ceasing?


Let’s discover together.
Let’s roughhouse with words together.
Let’s write together: unapologetically

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l write the corporeal, the sacred and profane of this human experience. I write about medical anthropology and the wandering womb, secular humanism and ethics, presence in birth and death, legion hearts and the mystery none of us can ever really know so we just keep threading words together into ink and paper arrows, hoping they will somehow light up like neon, illuminating the broken and beautiful.

(For a long time I only wrote in my head: while riding the el through the city, and at night, sitting on a bar stool, or tending to my house plants. I no longer have the houseplants, but I do write the words down now. I think it’s a fair trade.)

My writing has been published in print and on line, including Ars Medica, Bellevue Literary Review, Calyx, elephant journal, Tattooed Buddha, Annapurna Living, Brain Child Magazine, Soul Growth Radio, Body and Soul: Narratives of Healing,
And I am the author of Salt + Honey: secular prayers to the human and hedonistic hearts.

Learn more about my work as a consent culture radical, sex educator and spritual inclusion consulting HERE