Consent Culture in Spiritual Spaces
Love and Defiance for the Sacred and Profane
Religious Inclusion Education
for Organizations and Healing Professionals


Religion is not often spoken of or it is spoken of in sweeping assumptions. It becomes one of those things that is either quietly assumed or quickly brushed aside. Because it is personal. Because it is a source of such conflict, both internally and in our communities. Because it can seem as if the only options are insisting others share beliefs or pretending such beliefs don’t matter.


And yet, time and time again we ignore the prevalence of the dominant religious culture and how this is experienced by those who does not practice this faith, and we deny the impact of this on those we serve. Or we make the assumption that “spiritual not religious” is somehow universal, and our language reveals a belief that is deeply oriented in a religious (though perhaps not theistic) conviction that we claim to be applicable to everyone simply because it does not ascribe to a specific god, further othering and casting out to the margins those with whom we seek connection.


Religious and spiritual belief, orientation, origins, and practice is a significant part of many people’s lives and enters into nearly every aspect of what we call being human. For many humans it is the place where meaning is made. This is no small thing.


We don’t leave our religious and spiritual identities at the door when we walk inside.
And we are not all having the same experience.
Seeing this, naming this, honoring this,
we can begin to intentionally move toward religious and spiritual inclusion in our healing spaces that does not ask us to be any more or less than our whole human selves and honors the consent of all those present.

Religious Inclusion, Inter-Religious Engagement and Creating a Culture of Consent

Consulting for coaches, therapists, health professionals, organizers, healers, counselors, educators.
90 minute consultation with follow up PDF of core concepts and implementation - $350
Two 60 minute consultations and Website or Content of Practice Review - $500-$750

Consultation and Education is based upon the specific needs and challenges of each individual and their work.
some themes that are often entered into:
Spiritual abuse. Spiritual bypassing. Unanswerable questions.  Power, Privilege, and Oppression. Trauma-informed Spiritual Care.
Interfaith engagement in healing spaces. The art of making no assumptions. 
The distinction between grounding in your own orientation and in this speaking to your own people, and being unintentionally exclusionary in assuming your orientation is shared by all. 
What is religious literacy? Deep listening. Learning to ask.


Religious Inclusion for Healing Spaces Training and Education
for business and organizations.
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My own orientation:
I come from experiences of extreme religious abuse and violence and of orphaning, and everything it took to leave and refuse to participate in my own oppression. I also live with this very real honoring of religious discourse in my own life as a nontheist quaker and secular humanist and a love of religious inclusion that allows for us to be together, human and knowing and unknowing. I studied at Chicago Theological Seminary as a Presidential Merit Scholar, exploring intersections of embodiment and sexual ethics, interreligious engagement as a secular humanist, religious ritual and cartography of faith. In addition, I served on EcOmunity Cohort: an inter-religious cohort focused on sustainability and facilitating meaningful inter-religious dialogue. I have been in countless birth rooms and hospital rooms, sat with the birthing and the dying and the sick and the healing, each with their own distinct religious and spiritual orientation and experience. I have served as secular humanist chaplain as a first responder in acts of violence, and I have supported those leaving religious abuse. I love and defy; both. This is my nature and my work. And I do this work, with all of me.

There are also times for specific healing spaces that are all about our humanity in the context of religion and spirituality .

For many humans religion and spirituality is where they know great meaning in their lives.
And, for many humans, religion and spirituality is where they have no the greatest violence and harm and abuse, and having specific spaces to heal with others who have left and are beginning to break free is one way of being with the trauma that shapes our very cells as we begin to reclaim our own agency and humanity and consent.
I create these spaces, both for those in cult recovery and those healing after spiritual abuse.


I work individually with those who want to explore and receive support in recovering from religious abuse and oppression, cult recovery, and offer existential spiritual direction for the secularists and seekers.
Honoring self and agency, learning to listen to ourselves and trust ourselves, exploring the meaning of consent and reclaiming

50 minute sessions
$75 a session


Cult Recovery and Healing after Spiritual Abuse Support Groups
Coming Soon