Art is my Reclamation, my Resistance, my Refuge

I am here for the stories we are socially and culturally told we are not allowed to speak or know or claim as our own belonging, and the transgressive act of centering such narratives in both discourse and art.


l write the corporeal, the wonder and mess of the human experience being embodied. I write about medical anthropology and the wandering womb, living with chronic illness and disability, recovering from religious abuse, a novel I refuse to speak of aloud, legion hearts and the mystery none of us can ever really know so we just keep threading words together into ink and paper arrows, hoping they will somehow light up like neon, illuminating the broken and beautiful. I write secular prayers and about what the living do, and sometimes I write about violence and sometimes I write about lilacs.

I make visual and performance art of cartography, medical x-rays, and large (often wearable) Wings of Desire composed of feathers and ripped pages and lost and found discarded things.


love + defiance:

A Writing Sanctuary

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Art Sanctuary

For artists, writers, and creators of all kinds

What makes Isabel so gifted at what she does is not just her ability to bring you closer to your words and knowing and self, but her presence—the way she gives you space so close to her heart that you can’t help but unravel yourself

in the most poetic way.”

—Alisha Sommer, editor and chief at Blackberry Magazine, founder of Fever Dreams Collective