3 month online group
June 4th-August 24th


An online Sanctuary space where you can receive real support and we can be together, in our way and pace and capacity. Because it is so distinct, this experience, and so misunderstood; and most spaces in this world, online and otherwise, are ableist and come with the weight of being required to cure yourself instead of live with your own body and life as it is, real. They come with the assumptions we are all having the experience and showing up means the same thing, and we who live with chronic illness and pain, we know this is not true.

So what does it mean to live, to work, to care for ourselves, to serve, to create, to explore our own sexuality and pleasure, to stay with ourselves even when we struggle with these bodies and traumas that change our experience of being human and the very limitation and also so much joy?


This is what The World Split Open Sanctuary is about and for.


A Sanctuary Circle. And, different modalities for those of who connect differently with the aim of making options accessible and possible.
So with that in mind:


  • Twice monthly live zoom video groups for connecting, supporting and being in the split open spaces together. Once a month will be a weekday afternoon at 2pm EST, and once a month will be a weekday evening at 8pm EST. You can show up wearing whatever you want, from wherever you want - bed is great and so are desks and so is the floor if being close to the ground is what feels good.
  • Email support between the weeks we have video group circles.
  • A private online group where we can post and connect via writing, photo sharing, video messages or audio messages (and you can ask for responses in whichever medium is most useful to you). I will be in the online group space Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, showing up and checking in and connecting over all the things.
  • An option to sign up for the summer session with two feldenkrais guided movement classes a month included. These are done virtually and you can be anywhere in your  home, even bed, and are gentle and so consent based and there is nothing to learn or no level of performance we are working on achieving. Learn more about those HERE.


The themes and intimate particulars  we explore together are formed from what each person brings into our sanctuary. We will follow where it leads and be with what is alive and wanting attention.  Throughout these weeks, in ways not forced or required but open to what wants to happen, I’ll be offering space to explore what it is to live with chronic pain and illness in our daily lives, including: sexuality, work lives (and working when the days can be so very different depending on pain level), pleasure and being real, the impact of hurting, reality around resources and self-care, (and the ways even using the language of self-care can be isolating and othering), creating while in pain, spoons and when they are all gone, Value in being when there is no doing (it’s not what we produce, accomplish and master that makes us fully human and worthy).


We can come together in true sanctuary.
To be honored in your experience of being human.
To tell the truth. No making nice or pretty or performing.

To be together in complexity and specificity and support.
To know there is a space where you don’t have to rise to the occasion or prove you care or be asked to contort your own self into the space designed for those who do not wake up every morning not knowing what kind of pain day it will be.


This is not education.
This is not teaching you, teaching anyone, how to live with chronic illness and pain, how to do it right, how to get better, how to do at all.

What this is is space to be in the split open space of all that is real, together. To come together, in a space I honor as sanctuary and hold as such, where all is welcome and nothing is required. (consent, consent, consent! This space is FOR YOU: to use and access and be in as will serve you in your real life). This is not therapy but group sanctuary sessions in different modalities so as to make it accessible to those who connect in differing ways. (you can read more about my orientation with this work here and here).



Split Open: A Sanctuary for Humans living with chronic illness and pain -
$50 a month



with added twice monthly Feldenkrais Guided Movement Sessions - 
$100 a month