Isabel Abbott knows her way around the human heart. In fact, she can draw you the most intimate map of your own perfectly imperfect heart and help you feel things long forgotten. Her images run the gamut from joyful and delicious to earth-shattering and almost too intense to bear.

She is our generation's Anne Sexton and Adrienne Rich and Erica Jong rolled into one fabulous, vulnerable, truth-speaking woman.

I wouldn't order just one copy of Salt + Honey. You're going to want to share these poems with everyone you know.

S. Dorfman

salt + honey~ this book is words with skin-on that hold human hearts in the human places of the living and the dying and being born and returning and grief and loss and coming back alive. isabel abbott has a rare gift of all things human which is perhaps the most compassionate act of love possible in this human experience. isabel's writing is hauntingly and achingly beautiful in the living and in the leaving and in the place of returning. this isn't just a book, this is a friend, a human companion in this life... your life, my life, our lives.

Ashley Hoffman

Isabel abbot has a penetrating spirit. She channels a fugue of Eros and Athena and it's powerful. She turns fear into blessing and is animated by a vibrant, non-sentimental love. It's rough/sweet. Her voice is whiskey and honey and all her. Love this work.

K. Douglas Anderson