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The art of slowing down.

The art of showing up for ourselves and our art and creating and own cycles and ways of knowing.
The art of doing nothing, that is listening into our everything.
The art of being and becoming.
The art of making without knowing what comes next.

The art of naming the moon.


Peaches and cream moon
Ink splatters and I am claiming myself a painter now moon
Bleeding onto the sheets moon
I threw away the clock and slept strange hours moon
I went to a new doctor and found my voice moon
What if i just trusted where each thing wanted to go on the paper moon?
Eating take out straight from containers and succulents spilling out moon
We didn’t know where we were going moon
Ribbons through rock and the future changed five times in two days moon
The birds came crashing through my wall moon
Lilac moon. When legs appeared again moon. When my voice caught in my throat moon.
Sit down and start writing moon. One word and then another moon.
Lot’s wife turned to salt moon. Except she was always my favorite moon.
Paint by numbers and gold glitter moon. The pond turning green moon. Make me want to live moon. 

creative sanctuary

This is a creative sanctuary for artists, writers, and curious humans.

We are here to be students of our own ways of being, our own rhythms, our own expressions and expansion within our very real edges. We are allowed to have edges.

This is not about rising above, pushing past limits or insistence we fall in line with the expectations of productivity and mastering at the expense of our own bodies and lives and knowing.

We believe that we are here to be human. And that in this being human there is very real creative knowing and expression in which our sovereignty lives and can be known. Where play thrives and wisdom is excavated. And we do this not through conforming to systems which have sold us oppressive standards meant only to serve the few at the expense of all else, but divesting from these very systems and turning toward our own innate instinctual cadence of creation and tending our own very real limitations and capacities both, our temporal finite glorious creative humanity.

You may have jobs in which you work many hours. You may have children and loved ones whom you care for. You may have sick bodies and brains that this world tells us are not to be valued though we here at Naming the Moon believe they are deeply worthy and the source of our creating, because we are human, and we matter just as we are. You may have a diagnosis that has been given to you that you accept or reject. You may have given yourself your own name for things as you seek a life outside the structures of humans as pathology. You may consider ourself a full time artists or you may have never once used such a word next to our name. You may write only ever in a journal and share it with no one, and you may create only with images.

This creative sanctuary is here for you.

The dominant (hierarchical, white supremacist, ableist, classist, cis-heteronormative) models of creating and doing which tell us we must always do more and produce more and burn ourselves into the ground no matter what, are not here to truly care for us and support us. They are harmful. Because they were designed to be so. They were not meant to support and uplift and sustain. They were, by design, meant to harm and oppress and let only a very people at the very top succeed in any real way.

They are not for us.

So we need our own ways and our own sacred texts and our own language and our creations.

We already have our own cycles and our knowing and our own naming. And we believe we are worthy of tending to such things, and that it matters deeply.

Naming the Moon is here to offer creative journal and writing prompts, visual art explorations, creative recipes and the poetry of naming the moon for yourself, every moon, just for you.

We are here to create and hold safe the creative sanctuary, to make this a place to be and bring what you have. So together we might divest from that which tells us we must perform and produce to be found successful and worthy and begin to tend and befriend our own innate creative self which already is here to live fully human.

This is not astrology or tarot card readings
or advice or how to.

This is not any form of telling you what you have to do to succeed or what you need, what your future is or what your day should like or what your art needs to have in order to be real or considered legitimate by a world that has harmed us in telling us what matters as it exploits and discards in its harmful oppressive systems. This is about a sanctuary space that is here to honor what is needed for you to locate your own raw matter and your own innate instinct and your own deeper cadence when not interfered with while also believed in and loved up and seen as worthy of taking this time and space and care and attention. Because we believe we all are. And that art and tending to the unknown untended dark matter - that it matters. So do messes and the space to be really messy. So do images and words and all the ways we have of making things with our bodies and imaginations. So does the shit of real life where our real art comes from. 

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This is archaeology. This is a treasure hunt and road map and a process.

This is personal story and mythology and connection with others.

This is space to fall down into your own artistic rabbit holes and fall in love with your own obsessions and let them feed you deeply. This is following the creative breadcrumbs of our own selves and lives.

some details:

  • We are here for a thirteen moons, which is a year.

    A year allows for real time, and the luxuriousness of space that comes with that.

    To settle in and get comfortable and not be in rush and manufactured urgency.

  • This is divided into four quarters of a pie (I’m thinking hazelnut tart, strawberry, chocolate cream, blackberry).

  • You can sign up for all four, or just one, or one at a time, whichever works best for you.

    • January-March

    • April-June

    • July-September

    • October-December


Every month you receive you a beautiful pdf playbook complete with:


• Our Monthly Invocation

Recipe list for that month’s exploration and create your own adventure (because recipes are the best. Ingredients can be used or tossed out all together if you don’t like them or you are allergic or you want and need to add your own and play around with it to your own liking.)

• Binder pages for your own journal or binder to print with creative prompts. Questions for reflections on slowing into your own needs for creating.

• Visual play/ visual art explorations.

• Printable sheets for you name your moon and create visuals, sketches or collage art for that month's moon.

A private online facebook group where we can gather through the weeks and months to connect and you can receive support in your own process as a creative as you name your moons, invest in your art and self, deepen your devotion, and find what works for you in your own rhythms and cycles and ways of being. 


We will be there Monday, Wednesday, Friday to:

  • • check in, read and respond to conversations happening in the group

    • share links of interesting things

    • do facebook lives from time to time

    • offer prompts for reflection and connection

    • Friday Fives where we get to share in real time what is happening in our creating and lives.


Want to donate to the scholarship fund? You can do so HERE.

Need a partial scholarship to participate? Contact me HERE.

sdlr bio.jpg

Stacy de la Rosa

artist, designer, doula, photographer.

I craft imagery using archetypal exploration, artistic symbolism, and lived experience. I use storytelling and strategy to help humans share their message in their online spaces.

ifa bio.jpg

Isabel Abbott

artist, dissident doula, writer.

i house creative sanctuary for the human,
and use my hands and lost and found things to make transgressive art of the body broken and whole.

• No refunds or exchanges are given. If you choose not to participate in the remainder of the months you are registered, you will still be charged for the remainder of time for you which you have signed up.

• Any willfully oppressive behaviors or language used on the private facebook group will result in removal of the member, without refund.

• By participating in Naming the Moon you agree to not modify, publish, transmit in the sale of, transfer, distribute, reproduce, create derivative works from, perform or in any exploit the work offered here or any other member of the group in whole or in part, without prior written consent, as we agree to do so with each of you. If you want to share or use any of the prompts, visuals or content offered in Naming the Moon at any time for any reason beyond your own personal exploration and art journaling, please contact us directly and we would love to talk.