Consent Culture. Creation. Staying Human
Consulting and Education for Professionals and Organizations



Supporting sovereignty in persons and communities and staying human in the presence suffering, pain, loss, overwhelm and grief, trauma, and the realities of the hurting world we serve and love.

Confronting the violence and contempt culture of authoritarianism and creating a culture of consent in your practice,
your profession, your organization, your relationships with clients and with your communities.

For healers and counselors and religious professionals, community leaders and organizers, death workers and activists and coaches and those who “hold space.” For doulas and childbirth educators and midwives, health professions and social workers. For all those who work with humans and want to do so in a way that is trauma informed, anti-authoritarian and actively creating a culture of consent that honors the dignity and agency of those they serve.





We are told from our earliest days and experiences who we are and what we should or should not be and do. We are shaped and molded and modeled into a version of a human that someone somewhere decided was necessary for survival or desirable for image or part of what being in a particular culture means as assurance of belonging. And what we experience in the intimacy of our homes also is lived out in larger systems of work places, education, government, social systems, religions, communities.


If there was no one telling us who to be or what to do, who might we, who might you, be and become?


Much of the self-help and personal development and spiritual and health and healing world continues the culture of undermining humans in their own agency, promising an answer by one who claims to know better or best. In this, however unintentionally, consent is trampled and harm happens. I believe we can do better, and that actively creating a culture of consent in our work and service allows for others and our own selves to live free.

Creating a consent culture in one’s professional practice is

To stay with ourselves and be present to another
in a way that honors and celebrates sovereignty  and agency, actively dismantling authoritarian culture.
Where there is space for yes and no and the many ways of knowing.
Which is to remain alive to our humanity,
allowing us to root deeply into our own orientation
and honestly inclusive of that which is not ours
and belongs to another,
through deep listening and radical respect and integrity of care.


It is
to question, deeply.
And in this, to embody the act of resistance itself.

Why do we believe this?

Why is this the way we do things?

Where did we learn this?

Is it true?

What else might be true?

Who benefits from things being this way?

Who is silenced from things being this way?

Who gets to decide and speak as authority for another human’s life?

Where does power, privilege and oppression reveal itself up in our ways of interacting and being and what does it mean to name these realities truthfully and cease the gaslighting which destroys the very humans we seek to support?

What does it mean to believe others when they speak in language verbal and non-verbal?

What is the meaning of consent, and
where does our erasure of it perpetuate the very violence we seek to dismantle?


Consulting and Training for Professionals and Organizations
who seek to
Create a Culture of Consent


Consulting for Professionals and organizations
on Consent Culture and Staying Human

For coaches, therapists, health care professionals, birth and death professionals, social workers, spiritual leaders, caretakers, community organizations and those who work with humans.

90 minute consultation with follow up PDF of core concepts and implementation - $350
Two 60 minute consultations and Website or Content of Practice Review - $500-$750

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One on One Mentorship
for coaches, therapists, social workers, birth professionals, educators, religious and spiritual leaders, small business and organization leaders

Three-six months of trauma-informed anti-oppression framework mentorship in creating a culture of consent in your practice and staying present to our own humanity.


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Consent Culture Workshops for Healing Professionals
Training for therapists, coaches, health care workers, religious leaders
and birth and death professionals.
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