An experimental experiential consent education class for parents and caring adults who work with children and youth.

Five Weeks
September 10th-October 13th

* Course content delivered straight to your inbox once a week including core concepts, creative exploration, reading lists, resources and new ways of looking at and engaging with creating a consent culture.

* Recorded Video interviews with sexual health educators body trust educators.

* Two live Zoom Video called for everyone to participate in (recorded): 

* Facebook group with weekly questions for reflections, open office hours, and daily peer support from other caring adults committed to creating a culture of consent with kids.



At times I offer education/workshop/classes that are age specific and intended to be utilized by youth. However this course is specifically  open to parents and adults who work with all ages of kids and youth, and we will be focusing on the foundations of consent education as it connects to and impacts your children, whatever age they may be. This is about learning ideas and skills that you want to bring to the youth in your own life, working together with them to create a culture of consent.

In this course, you are bringing your own experiences and questions and needs and that will directly impact what we cover and where we go.
I'll bring the basics, pdfs of content, ideas, models of consent, conversation starters with your kids, projects and questions for reflections.



Creating a Culture of Consent
How we engage with our own children in a way that honors their bodily integrity and personhood and deeply instills in them their own yes and no, while also being in the real life stuff of sometimes we all have to do what we don't want to do.
The ways consent is about sex, and the kinds of conversations we have with our kids about sex and what it means to offer real consent education,
and, really, it is about SO MUCH MORE THAN SEX.
This is consent education that is about a way of knowing one's one yes and know, and honoring another's yes and no. valuing respect for human dignity more than being nice or liked.
This is about how we spend time with youth in a way that does not ask them to be the adult and also truly listens rather than operating from an authoritarian model.
This is about how we instill the power of their own voice and the love of their own body's knowing.
This is about how we model consent culture, teach consent culture, celebrate consent culture.
We will be entering into ALL of this over the six weeks, with space and time to bring your own questions and needs to the table and delve into your unique lived in real life challenges and desire.


Some core curriculum that will be explored over the six weeks include:

Models of Consent

Rape culture. Contempt Culture. Consent Culture.
Boundaries, Bodily Integrity and Cultures of Care
Consent education in sex education (at different ages of development)
Ways of relating to others and ourselves that is rooted in respect and self-sovereignty.
Learning to name a need and have a clear ask.
What it means to really listen.
Differentiation and disentangling from
Slut shaming, victim blaming, body policing.
Needs, entitlement, and who gets a seat at the table.
Honoring the body and personhood of others and ourselves.


September 10th -October 13th

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* The curriculum for this course comes from years of experience and research and my own body of work. It cites other sources, all of which receive payment or donations that comes directly from the proceeds of this course. When you register and participate in the course you are agreeing to not to use the specific content in other professional or education settings (though you are free and encouraged to take the models and learning and utlize them in your parenting and education with youth). You are agreeing to not take any of the course content and change it, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, create corresponding works from, display, distribute, reproduce, perform or in any way use this work, in whole or in part, without prior written consent. And if you would like to use any of the work, or want to bring me for further education in your own comnnities, please contact me. I'd love to talk further.


Consent Culture Radical, Educator and Consultant
Dissident, Artist and Transgessive Story-teller.
Sanctuary in Birth, Sex and Death.

Learn more about my orientation and framework for consent education HERE, and about my larger body of work HERE.