Awaken the Want
an evening of exploration and storytelling
with Isabel Abbott and Julie Jeske

of heeding the hunger and permission to want
and of finding the words to speak of
all the things we are told to keep quiet.
of entering into the wide range of experiences in the geography of desire and arousal, 
wanting and consent, giving and receiving.

There will be time to ask and enter into your questions,  reflect on your own embodied experiences and the languages of desire.
We will be listening to the space where the body and voice connect, 
and what it feels like to locate our own self in our sexuality and experiences. We will eat delicious food and sit in a safe space and begin to tell our stories. 

And we would oh so love to have you there.

Thursday, May 4th
Portland, OR

Awaken the want in your own life and heart and days.
A beautiful  home-study course, including writing, video, and audio.
Prompts for reflection and contemplation, exercises and experiments to play with,
and questions to contemplate in your own process.
It’s like a combination of a beautiful treasure hunt, a long love letter,
and a permission slip to get curious and learn what works for you in your own awakening.


Here’s just some of what will be explored. . .

  • Listening to our desire, from the center and out to the edges.
  • Learning how to ask for what we want.
  • Connecting to pleasure and what feels good, and how this infuses our offerings and informs our loving.
  • Taking risks and claiming our truths.
  • Honoring the body’s language and welcoming her wisdom.
  • Heating things up in the daring desires and the daily rituals, so whether we are walking down the street on our way to work or stepping into a new love affair or showing up for the art that has our deepest devotion, we are, in every way, turned on to life.

The experience of being here, awake in the world, is true intimacy. Create a space for yourself to experiment and explore, to get naked with yourself and walk awake and unbound, into the living.

Isabel and Julie


Isabel Abbott

I am a writer, artist and consent culture radical.
As a human in love with solid ground, with belonging to the body and the holiness of hunger,
I write and speak on the sacred and profane, the secular prayers of the corporeal human.
With a professional background as a birth and death doula, a sex educator and an embodiment and
movement workshop facilitator, I work with those crossing thresholds, questioning their gods,
wrestling with their love, grieving and dying into life.




Julie Jeske

I am a sex therapist who helps clients increase intimacy, passion, sexual satisfaction and pleasure so they can develop a deeper connection with self or others.
My goal is to help demystify sex. I want to bring sex out of the shadows and into the living room. Let’s shine a light on sexuality and intimacy so they are no longer big scary things, but rather something that everyone feels they can embrace and enjoy.